Tom McAteer

Senior Program Manager, CMC Energy Services

Tom McAteer is responsible for the vision, design and service delivery of income-eligible programs, overseeing the completion of 18,000 energy audits and inspections annually. He also is senior technical advisor and one of the primary technical resources at CMC. With a background in education, he has designed building science training modules and program documentation focused on metrics, software user interface and more. He is currently working on his doctoral degree focused on business intelligence. He holds many certifications including State Certified Energy Auditor – PA from the National Sustainability Structures Center; Building Analyst, Multifamily Building Analyst, Quality Control Inspector and Building Envelope from the Building Performance Institute.

My Sessions

Efficiency & Equity

Juniata Ballroom

It’s a given that energy efficiency is beneficial to owners and renters alike, but which policies, pilots, and products are being offered with the needs of ALL consumers in mind? How can the industry address some of the special challenges of multifamily buildings? Are low-income customers being asked to shoulder an unfair energy burden? What […]