Roberta Schwalm

Manager of Special Initiatives, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

Roberta Schwalm has been with the PA Housing Finance Agency since 2002, initially in strategic planning and now in the homeownership division. Her current activities include modernizing the Pennvest Homeowner Septic Loan, and maintaining the Homeowners Energy Efficiency Loan programs. Roberta is also an active participant in state initiatives to improve home modification programs and provides technical assistance in this area to individuals and families, as well as organizations and agencies. Prior to joining PHFA, Roberta worked at the Colorado Housing Finance Agency, the Ohio Legislative Budget Office, and at universities in Pennsylvania and Montana.

My Sessions

Efficiency & Equity

Juniata Ballroom

It’s a given that energy efficiency is beneficial to owners and renters alike, but which policies, pilots, and products are being offered with the needs of ALL consumers in mind? How can the industry address some of the special challenges of multifamily buildings? Are low-income customers being asked to shoulder an unfair energy burden? What […]