Matthew Kahn

Manager of Utility Program Development, Lime Energy

Matthew Kahn, Ph.D., is the Manager of Utility Program Development at Lime Energy. He manages the success and expansion of Lime Energy’s current and future utility programs, supporting business development team and client management teams to develop stronger relationships with both utilities and their customers.

Matthew also leads the deployment of Lime Energy’s customer experience tools. Using the Qualtrics suite of customer experience tools, Matthew and Lime Energy gather quantitative and qualitative customer experience data to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the customer’s energy efficiency journey. Matthew led the launch of Lime’s 2018 customer experience initiative that improved the company’s Net Promoter Score from 64 to 75 in the first year.

Matthew earned a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Environmental History from Northwestern University.

My Sessions

Customer Data

Why does data matter? Our panel of AMI and utility data experts will explore the expanding influence of technology over core utility program elements, examine innovative data modeling processes, and analyze the merits of applications that are increasing the value of energy efficiency as a resource across the country.