Isaac Gabel-Frank

Vice President, Gabel Associates

Isaac Gabel-Frank, Vice President at Gabel Associates, has over 9 years of experience supporting complex energy issues related to cost-benefit analysis, energy efficiency and renewables, energy project development, economic and tariff analysis, electric vehicles, regional transmission organizations (RTOs), and energy procurement. Mr. Gabel-Frank has also submitted expert testimony in matters regarding the cost effectiveness of energy efficiency.

Mr. Gabel-Frank is an expert on cost-benefit analytics and has supported a multitude of clients in quantifying cost and benefit dynamics related to the economic impact of energy projects. This includes past and present work for Federal agencies, state and local governments, school districts, and private sector clients on energy efficiency, renewable energy, cogeneration, and traditional generation projects. Mr. Gabel-Frank also performs sensitivity analysis to help identify risk boundaries and market deviations. This analysis is critical to investment decisions as it allows clients to understand the full value proposition associated with energy initiatives.

 He is supporting energy efficiency filings on behalf of two electric and all four natural gas utilities in New Jersey, including Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), Atlantic City Electric (ACE), South Jersey Gas (SJG), New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG), and Elizabethtown Gas (Etown). Mr. Gabel-Frank is also providing expert testimony to accompany the filings. He has also supported wide-ranging electric vehicle analysis and modeling as it relates to energy markets and distribution grid impacts. In addition, he is extremely knowledgeable on RTO issues and actively monitors activities related to energy and capacity markets, energy efficiency, demand response, ancillary services, interconnection, and general grid issues. Mr. Gabel-Frank helps clients formulate and strategize positions on current PJM rules as well as provides analysis on potential market changes. This includes development of offer and bid strategies for energy efficiency, demand response, renewable, and traditional generation resources into the PJM market.

He was a key contributor in the development of the Analytical Likelihood of Availability and Non-Performance Risk (ALAN) model, a proprietary stochastic modeling tool that computes the exposure of capacity resources within the PJM and ISO-NE footprints. ALAN uses resource outage data as well expected performance assessment event information to determine the probabilistic coincidence of outages and performance assessment events.

Mr. Gabel-Frank assists in the development of numerous renewable and energy efficiency projects including in-depth economic, technical, and utility tariff analysis, which incorporates long-term utility and energy forecasts. He has developed various tariff models from the ground up, which are customized to reflect the specific parameters of each project. He is also skilled at calculating energy savings associated with various project structures. As a result of his strong analytical skill set, Mr. Gabel-Frank has served an integral role on various progressive projects throughout the region.

He supports solar projects through the request for proposal (RFP) process as well as reviews utility tariffs and performs cost/benefit analysis. He is also knowledgeable on the solar renewable energy certificate (SREC) market. He has specialized knowledge on demand response programs and can effectively support clients in evaluating this revenue opportunity. Mr. Gabel-Frank also developed a model that calculates energy savings and potential rebates associated with energy efficiency projects.


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