Daniel Jarvis

Head of Department for Analytics and Technical Services, DNV GL

Daniel Jarvis serves as DNV GL’s Head of Department for Analytics and Technical Services. He has over 12 years of experience working in Energy and Analytics/Data Science. He is responsible for leading an interdisciplinary team of data scientists, analytics engineers, product managers, business analysts, mechanical engineers, and technical sales professionals that deliver software solutions to support the design, planning, and implementation for turnkey incentive/rebate programs that promote energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy, energy storage, and elective vehicle infrastructure development. His degree is in Sociology, Latin American and Latino Studies with an emphasis on Water Resource Management and Statistics.

My Sessions

Customer Data

Why does data matter? Our panel of AMI and utility data experts will explore the expanding influence of technology over core utility program elements, examine innovative data modeling processes, and analyze the merits of applications that are increasing the value of energy efficiency as a resource across the country.